Misdemeanour and penal law

Aadu Luberg

Our core area of activity is defending natural as well as legal persons in misdemeanour and criminal cases. In penal law, the office primarily focuses on exercising defence in connection with the economy, professional activity and tax law.

Our strength in handling misdemeanour and criminal cases derives from our extensive previous experience of the sworn advocates in the office working with the law enforcement authorities along with years of professional work.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive legal services, which includes the formation of defence strategy and defence activity, from the commencing a misdemeanour or criminal procedure through all stages of the procedure.

We specialise in the following areas

– judicial proceedings in the defence of the accused
– pre-trial procedure in the defence of the suspect
– misdemeanour proceedings in the defence of a person
– representing the victim during the pre-trial procedure as well as during the judicial proceedings

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